Genomic Testing in Sarcomas

There are 54 Clinical Indications included in the Cancer National Genomics Test Directory for sarcomas [1].  For each of the clinical indications listed below testing is provided by all 7 Genomic Laboratory Hubs across England. The test directory includes both targeted genetic testing and panel testing using next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. The West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory provides a centralised cancer panel testing service (both DNA and RNA panels) for the Central and South GLH Consortium. 

Genetic testing services for sarcomas are currently in development.

DNA and RNA panels however are available. Please contact Dr Yvonne Wallis ( to discuss your requirements.

Please see the somatic cancer test request form including details of sample requirements.

Sarcoma patients are also eligible for whole genome sequencing; further details are available on the  Whole Genome Sequencing for Solid Cancer[pdf] 462KB.

National Genomic Test Directories