Work Experience

Students on work experience placement

Work Experience at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (BWC) is a fantastic way of enhancing your knowledge about the different career opportunities available in the NHS and gaining valuable experience that can help you to make informed decisions about career choices.

At BWC, we can support individuals to undertake work experience in both clinical and non-clinical departments, and we ensure that individuals and departmental risk assessments and initial training needs if required are met prior to the commencement of the work experience placement.

Please be aware that completion of the application form for work experience placement does not guarantee a place on the programme, and we might not be able to match your requirements to the placements we have on offer.

Please contact for any information or work experience queries.

Benefits of work experience at BWC

  • Better knowledge about the different careers on offer at BWC.
  • Ability to gain real-life insight into the career pathway you are considering.
  • It gives you an insight into the world of employment, especially the health sector.
  • Give you the confidence boost you need to go out there and reach your goals.
  • The opportunity of working alongside a multidisciplinary team and learning the importance of teamwork, effective communication and acquiring the necessary skills to enhance your potential. 


What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for work experience here, you must be a minimum of 14 years old on the date of your placement. However some departments have a higher age of 16. Students older than 25 will be considered but priority will be on given to younger students

​I need to complete a year-long work experience as part of a course e.g. Health and Social Care, can I apply?

We do not support work experience as part of a college or university course nor do we currently offer any volunteer programme via the Aspire service.

​What should I wear for my work experience placement?

Clothing should be smart and modest. – No bare midriff for example or jeans and trainers. Multiple tattoos and piercings should not be on display. Religious clothing may be worn as long as it complies with infection control policies. Clothes should be changed daily to avoid risk of cross infection

​Can I contact a department directly?

We do not share details of departments or staff. If a placement is not listed on this website, it is unlikely that you can apply for a work experience placements. However if you know a friend or relative who works at the Hospital that may be willing to support you on placement you can contact them however we will not provide any contact information related to individual staff members.

​Is there a limit on the length of placement?

Placements are limited to a maximum of 2 weeks only.

​​Can I apply for work experience if I am not based in the UK?

Work experience placements are only available to those living in the UK. Priority is given to students living in the West Midlands area.

​If I am unsuccessful, can I apply again next time?

Yes, but you might want to revise your application to make you stand out more. If you would like some help with improving your application, you can get some great tips here.