Celebrating BWC Spirit

BWC Spirit Logo We are highlighting the amazing things our colleagues have done and achieved during the pandemic.

Our teams have bravely stood by the side of our patients, changed how they have worked to keep key and emergency services running and gone beyond the Trust to help colleagues in other parts of the NHS.

They have done so with an approach and spirit that is uniquely BWC and we want to celebrate that and what has been achieved.

From frontline clinical colleagues to our unseen and often unsung heroes in labs, offices and in our corridors - everyone has had a part to play and we’re sharing some of their stories over the next wto weeks.

If you would like to thank individuals or teams either by sharing some kind words, pictures or a short video we would love to see them. You can submit your messages, pictures or videos by emailing bwc.communications@nhs.net

Our stories

Shielding Colleagues

"The power of just everybody sharing and the BWC spirit just really coming out. It was almost like this flame that just lit up. It was almost like ‘oh wow, you know, all these people that are just desperate to get into work to help their colleagues and just to yeah get back to their roles and help children and families’. It was just inspiring."


"The last 12 months have been a year like no other. But when the world stopped, we’re proud to say our fabulous army of loyal supporters didn’t."

Early Intervention in Psychosis Service

"Initially things were confusing and a bit frustrating as we had to adapt quickly to new ways of working and feeling that control of how we normally run things was understandably being taken away at times."

Finance Accounts

"It was challenging stepping outside office-based comfort zones, but a great way to connect with the organisation and to contribute to the pandemic response."

Interpreting Team

“It has been a roller coaster experience for the interpreting team. There were many ups and downs; we experienced many difficulties, both at work and in our personal lives. The team as a whole experienced many changes and had to quickly adapt in order to continue providing language support to patients/families."

Medical Engineering

"Dealing with the work load with reduced staffing levels and an increase in demand (needed to commission additional equipment) this coincided with new staff joining the department."

Patient Advice and Liaison Service

"Resilience was very important and we realised that we needed to communicate regularly amongst ourselves so that we all knew the reasons behind decisions, who was making the decisions and how they would be enacted. 

The PALS team have taken an increasingly complex number of enquiries and concerns during the Coronavirus period and this continues."

ICT – Clinical Applications Team

"I think stressful is the only word to use for this past 12 months! With the sudden imposition of “lockdown” the Trust had little to no notice in the massive workload that would hit us trying to arrange remote working for so many people."


"That no matter where you are in the Trust, you are always part of a family. When things are at their hardest, the support is at its best and everyone pulls together whether its through re-deployment or part of the team you have always been."

Ward 15

"In the face of adversity, we learnt how courageous our staff were by tackling challenging conversations and caring for patients out of our specialty."

Rachel Carter, Director of Midwifery

"How the teams then came together to prioritize the women and each other was just phenomenal, something I've never seen before and that was across Maternity, Gynaecology, Theatres, Neonates, Specialties and also our colleagues in the Children's Hospital. When we put the flag up and said we need help, the help came and it came in all sorts of shapes and sizes."


"The pandemic forged bonds of reliance that will remain as the team goes forward into the future. Team members took on responsibilities they may not otherwise have had to and thrived. We have learnt many new skills in a short amount of time."

People and Education Directorate

"We learned how to communicate with lots of people virtually to ensure they were aware of changes. We learned about the amazing resilience and spirit of all of our colleagues (well reminded really). We learned about partnerships by helping our UHB colleagues and we learned that most things can be done virtually!" 

Antenatal and Newborn Screening Team

"Our colleagues pulling together, going above and beyond, continually adapting to change has been amazing and shows what a strong group of caring people we work alongside."

Medical Complexities Discharge Team

"We've looked at just six of the cases we helped and think that approximately it's about a thousand bed days and in excess of £300,000 saved"

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)/ Microbiology Team

"Our team was the go-to team and at times it was very difficult to maintain the level/intensity of work, but we pulled together and responded to all questions/queries as quickly as we could. It was very tiring at times especially emotionally."


"All community visits and face to face clinics were halted, but by working together we were able to continue to support and educate our patients virtually, 24/7 as usual."


“As Chaplains who have continued to do face-to-face work I think we have deepened our appreciation of one another and of the team. There has been much loss to deal with for everyone – patients, families, staff and each person individually.” 

Complex Care Community

"We are a very resilient team that handles whatever is thrown at them."


"When things seem impossible, when we can come together, we can achieve an awful lot."

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