Celebrating BWC Spirit

BWC Spirit Logo We are highlighting the amazing things our colleagues have done and achieved during the pandemic.

Our teams have bravely stood by the side of our patients, changed how they have worked to keep key and emergency services running and gone beyond the Trust to help colleagues in other parts of the NHS.

They have done so with an approach and spirit that is uniquely BWC and we want to celebrate that and what has been achieved.

From frontline clinical colleagues to our unseen and often unsung heroes in labs, offices and in our corridors - everyone has had a part to play and we’re sharing some of their stories over the next two weeks.

If you would like to thank individuals or teams either by sharing some kind words, pictures or a short video we would love to see them. You can submit your messages, pictures or videos by emailing bwc.communications@nhs.net

Our stories

Antenatal and Newborn Screening Team

"Our colleagues pulling together, going above and beyond, continually adapting to change has been amazing and shows what a strong group of caring people we work alongside."

Medical Complexities Discharge Team

"We've looked at just six of the cases we helped and think that approximately it's about a thousand bed days and in excess of £300,000 saved"

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)/ Microbiology Team

"Our team was the go-to team and at times it was very difficult to maintain the level/intensity of work, but we pulled together and responded to all questions/queries as quickly as we could. It was very tiring at times especially emotionally."


"All community visits and face to face clinics were halted, but by working together we were able to continue to support and educate our patients virtually, 24/7 as usual."


“As Chaplains who have continued to do face-to-face work I think we have deepened our appreciation of one another and of the team. There has been much loss to deal with for everyone – patients, families, staff and each person individually.” 

Complex Care Community

"We are a very resilient team that handles whatever is thrown at them."


"When things seem impossible, when we can come together, we can achieve an awful lot."

Clinical Systems Managers

"The courage of the frontline staff and the ability for the Trust to adapt to remote and homeworking. Strangely the laughter as ICT soaked up the pressure re-provisioning and building laptops from all directions. The new phrases…you’re on mute and the staff pets/kids that popped into meetings."

Pharmacy Services

"The Medicines Chest and Homecare teams were dealing with patients who were locked down at home but needed their medicines. In the first two months of lockdown one our normal activity trebled."

Yvonne Millard, Deputy Chief Nurse

"It's been hard, it's been heart breaking, we've had terrible losses,  everyone has been touched by the pandemic, but I think it's made everyone much more connected and compassionate." 

Eating Disorder Service

"Every single young person on my caseload has inspired me. I have seen them battle illness, isolation, stress, uncertainty, cancelling of exams, reintroduction of exams, difficult family dynamics, no social support and then a lack of face to face appointments."

Patient Administration Services

"Even though they were really scared at the beginning and we could only reassure them that we would endeavour to keep them safe, at no point did any of them let the trust down and most importantly they wanted to be physically at the Trust to support the clinicians treat our patients."

Mental Health Services - Alex Borg

“They’ve been truly incredible, I couldn’t be prouder of the people I work with. They’ve been absolutely magnificent.”


We are so in awe of our amazing group of volunteers from our usual 400+ we only had 65-70 but that small group have donated over 7,000 volunteer hours to us during the pandemic

Wards 18 and 19

"I think most staff in the team  were already very sighted on the importance health and wellbeing and their own self -care. I observed more people looking out for each other and the strength of camaraderie grow even further."

Transitional Care Team

"There is no team like ours and we are stronger than we think."

Professional Practice Team

"I have been inspired by the women who have attended appointments alone, those who have been inpatients and unable to have visitors. However most of all, I have been inspired by all the midwives who have really stepped up to give additional support to women during what has been a very challenging time."

Ocean Ward

"The pandemic has made our team pull together and show our trust values to colleagues, families and patients."


"As a team, recognising individual needs created an environment where being open and honest became part of a sharing activity each morning.  Humour also formed part of the changes, this helped to lift spirits during the challenging times."

Dr Satish Rao

 "We’ve done some amazing things. I’ve valued the support I’ve had from across the organisation, not just my clinical colleagues. I’m proud we were able to keep that sense of Team BWC."

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