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Celebrating BWC Spirit

BWC Spirit Logo We are highlighting the amazing things our colleagues have done and achieved during the pandemic.

Our teams have bravely stood by the side of our patients, changed how they have worked to keep key and emergency services running and gone beyond the Trust to help colleagues in other parts of the NHS.

They have done so with an approach and spirit that is uniquely BWC and we want to celebrate that and what has been achieved.

From frontline clinical colleagues to our unseen and often unsung heroes in labs, offices and in our corridors - everyone has had a part to play and we’re sharing some of their stories over the next two weeks.

If you would like to thank individuals or teams either by sharing some kind words, pictures or a short video we would love to see them. You can submit your messages, pictures or videos by emailing


By Erin Docherty, Head  of Nursing, and Rohesia Darkin, STICK Practitioner, STICK Team 

STICK team What was your experience of the pandemic? 

As a team we were re-deployed and went from working within community settings (schools, GPs etc) into offering to be re-deployed into the areas that needed it the most (Crisis and Urgent care). This happened on a number of occasions during the pandemic. A small group of the team stayed working to maintain the core STICK team. Although we had different experiences we stayed connected through social zoom events, daily huddles when we could and were very welcomed into the new teams. We learnt new things (including the quickest way to de-ice a car at 5am) and felt part of new teams.  

What was the hardest part? 

For some us, being re-deployed into inpatients and crisis teams was either new or had been historical roles but was something we were slightly nervous about. Going from early help to inpatient was a difference and so learning the ways of working efficiently was crucial but with the right support, this was done well and we quickly became part of the team. Over the summer we had to look at developing a summer programme which was educational but engaged the young people when lockdown had first been implemented, which was a huge challenge. Working new shifts and becoming part of the Parkview team, offering a range of summer activities, interacting new things when staffing was low and times for young people and all was uncertain. There was also the aspect of being physically disconnected from the rest of the team (only some of us were redeployed) as we had always been a very visible and connected team, was another very difficult part.  

How did you cope? 

Staying connected, this meant both clinically but also just from a well-being point of view. We had line management set up more regularly, well-being plans which looks at what triggers might be and also set up weekly staff support via Zoom which brought light entertainment to us all. Through December we had Christmas ‘social events’.  We would also do face to face meetings when safe and were thankful to the Parkview team for making us part of their bigger family. 

What did you learn? 

That no matter where you are in the Trust, you are always part of a family. When things are at their hardest, the support is at its best and everyone pulls together whether its through re-deployment or part of the team you have always been.  

How do you think it changed the team? 

The team now works in many ways, we are able to use technology differently and we utilise space within hospital bases differently. A number of staff have continued to work bank shifts at Parkview to continue the connection there. We have made connections to wider teams which has enabled better inter workings and have all clinically developed our skills to become better clinicians and a stronger team.  

For some of the team there was loss, continuing to work where they were unable to see their loved ones or had lost loved ones can be hard. The team offered hope and a structure to the day, knowing that there was purpose, even within the uncertainty of lockdown and information changes.  

Beyond your team, who has inspired you during the pandemic? 

Jo Hemmings, she has been consistently present and a clear voice of strength throughout.  

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