Dr Chris Chiswell

Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Chris was the first public health consultant to be employed by an acute hospital in the West Midlands, and one of only a handful nationally. He enables us to push for fairer wellbeing opportunities, improving the chances we all have of living in healthy and nurturing communities, with access to good education and employment. 

He trained in the West Midlands, and has a particular interest in healthcare strategy informed by population need, which he uses to support the development of our long-term strategy at the Trust. He is also the deputy training programme director for public health in the West Midlands for Health Education England.



Related services

Medical and professional interests

  • Public health
  • Population healthcare
  • Clinical strategy
  • Health improvement interventions, particularly behavioural nudges
  • Healthcare resource planning, including whole system planning
  • Health information
  • Environmental tobacco smoke harm reduction