Better mental health and wellbeing

We are the lead provider for Forward Thinking Birmingham (FTB), a unique, innovative community and inpatient mental health partnership for young people from 0-25 years old.

FTB have lots of resources on their website to help you protect and improve your mental health, as well as guidance on how to access support and help if you need it.

This includes their top tips, which are good advice for all of us;

1. Talk about how you feel

If you're dealing with some difficult feelings and emotions, talking to someone you trust can make a big difference. You'll probably feel like a weight's been lifted and the person you speak to may be able to help you put things into perspective and offer reassurance.

A couple have a conversation whilst lying on their bed. One man holds a cup of coffee.

2. Stay connected

Spending time with friends and loved ones can have a big and positive impact on how you feel. Plan a regular get together with mates or just put aside some time for a call or catch up over text. Keeping up healthy relationships will improve your mood, increase your confidence and boost your brain power!

3. Keep active

Regular exercise isn't just good for your body, it's also great for your mind! Whenever your body is active, chemicals are released that lift your mood, making you feel happy and positive. Getting moving can also reduce stress and relieve anxiety, as well as help you sleep better. If you’re looking for ideas, why not check out our physical activity page?

4. Have a break

We all lead busy lives but taking time out is really important for your mental health. And the great thing about self-care is that you get to do what works for you - whether that's going for a walk, listening to music or just having a nice long lie in. Whatever you do to relax, make sure you put a little time aside each day. It'll help you think more clearly, reduce stress and improve your concentration.

5. Eat well

Another one that works for both body and mind is your diet. What you eat can make a massive difference to how you feel and eating a healthy, balanced diet can give you more energy, help you concentrate and balance your mood. Plus, if you get creative in the kitchen, you get the added satisfaction of making something yourself. We’ve got more advice on healthy eating here.

6. Give back

Doing things for others can really improve the way you see yourself, increasing your self-esteem and generally helping you to feel happier. Volunteering, helping out a friend and contributing to a good cause can all give you a well-deserved boost, as well as providing you with something positive to focus on. 

7. Accept yourself for who you are

Everyone is different and accepting yourself as a unique person is much healthier than trying to be the same as someone else. When you embrace yourself in this way, you develop a better sense of self, become more confident and find it easier to make and maintain healthy relationships. If you're lacking in self-confidence, don't worry. Start by thinking about three things you like about yourself - maybe you're loyal to friends, kind to animals or good at solving problems. Whatever it is, jot it down and enjoy it!

A woman laughs whilst sitting in a restaurant

8. Remember to have fun

We all have responsibilities, whether it's work pressures, homework tasks or jobs around the house, and while we wouldn't advise slacking off, it's really important to make some time to have fun every so often. Set aside some time to do something you really enjoy - maybe plan a trip to the cinema, pick up a good book or just catch up with friends. Having something to look forward to can help to motivate you for the less exciting bits of life.

Advice and support for adults

There is free support from the NHS for adults available from Better Health: Every Mind Matters. This includes a mind plan quiz, that will give you helpful ideas to improve your sleep and mood, and how to deal with stress and anxiety. There are helpful guides for all kinds of health issues, from money to bereavement.

There’s also advice on supporting others.

For Birmingham, Healthy Minds provides a range of free support, advice and resources for adults who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing. If you live outside of Birmingham, your own area will have their own support. Just search for “adult mental health support” and your county, or ask your GP for advice.

If you’re pregnant, or have recently had a baby, your midwife, GP or health visitor can help you access specialist support. We work with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust who provide a specialist perinatal mental health service so that everyone can get the help and support they need.