Person buying healthy snacks in our Conservatory

Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing is about so much more than not having a particular illness or symptom. It’s about ‘how we are doing’, as individuals, communities and places. We want everyone we come into contact with to have the best possible wellbeing.  Whether you are a patient in one of our hospitals, visiting your friends and family, or a member of our team, helping you achieve the best possible wellbeing is part of how we provide care.

We’re currently focussing on supporting this by;

  • Becoming a Smokefree Trust, in line with NICE best practice. This supports those who have already quit, reduces the chances others will start, and makes arriving onto our sites more pleasant.
  • Ensuring our maternity system helps pregnant women quit smoking with bespoke support
  • Providing healthier options for patients and visitors wherever we serve food, and making sure people have information to help make healthy choices
  • Educating our patients and visitors on important health issues such as accident prevention, burns, and dog bites, with regular events
  • Offering visitors the opportunity to check their blood pressure and weight through our self-service machines at our Children’s and Women’s Hospitals
  • Providing high-quality information on health, wellbeing, and safety through our wellbeing information hub and on our website

Our Population Health Team also makes sure that Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Trust is at the forefront of supporting changes that will help the health of the population of our city, and beyond.  We have engaged with other organisations to think about how we can make sure the impact of poor air quality is reduced, and to show that the food environment that makes it difficult to keep a healthy weight can be improved.

They also perform research and think hard about how we can all live in a healthier community, and how anyone visiting our Trust can be helped to improve their health.

There are some fantastic, free resources available you can use to take a positive step towards better health and wellbeing for you and your family. The webpages in this section contain further information on this.