Supporting you for free: welfare offer

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Hospital Trust take their role to support their patients and families to live healthier lives as a priority. Our Trust have recently partnered with Citizens Advice Bureau to offer a full free welfare service. This is a part of our commitment to tackling health inequalities for the women, children, families and communities we serve.

This confidential, independent and impartial service is about helping patients and families to understand both their rights and responsibilities to enable them to make informed choices about the challenges they may face.

This offer will include

  • Benefits
  • Child welfare
  • Health and disability
  • Immigration
  • Debt and grants
  • Work and education
  • Food banks
  • Housing
  • And more

For our patients and families visiting our hospitals the offer could be extended to include support with clean air zone charges, parking, meals (hospital restaurant), accommodation and more. 

A limited number of families will be supported with free knitted goods, free transport and free meals. These offers are limited to relieving financial pressures.

If you need immediate support and are a service user, patient or family member, our dedicated CAB Advisor is available at both our Women's (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Children's Hospital (Thursdays and Fridays) between 9am and 4pm. There will be an opportunity to attend brief drop in sessions for all or if you are in need of more in-depth conversations with our advisor, you will be able to book a consultation via our referral form here.

Please speak with a member of staff if you have any queries.

Leaflet is available for more information