Young people

This section is for young people and is based on ideas by current patients, former patients and volunteers.

It’s where you’ll find information about the youth club, details about getting more involved with our Young Persons’ Advisory Group (YPAG) and other information that will be useful for you during your stay.

If you want to tell us your news, what it was like being a patient or anything about your experience that we could share with other young people, we would love to hear it - just let us know by emailing

Coming into the Children's hospital can make some young people worry that they might end up on wards with young children or there will only be facilities for toddlers.

We do our best to make sure we meet the needs of young people and, although sometimes you might end up on a ward that has a mixed age group, we work hard to ensure you are treated with dignity and respect.

Our staff will be able to suggest age-appropriate activities and our Play Centre is packed with fun activities for all ages including musical instruments and video games.