Children's Hospital Conservatory Cafe Restaurants, shops and cafes

Both our main sites have a selection of places where you can purchase food and drinks. Our Women’s Hospital has a restaurant located on the lower ground floor that serves freshly-cooked meals for breakfast and lunch along with a selection of salads and sandwiches and other snack items. You'll also find a coffee shop on the ground floor near the main entrance.

Our Children’s Hospital also has a restaurant located downstairs on the lower ground floor that serves cooked meals as well as cold food for breakfast and lunch every day. The Children’s Hospital also has a Costa Coffee outlet in the Conservatory area which serves hot and cold drinks and snacks and a Crussh outlet near the main entrance. Crussh serves delicious healthy meals and snacks and was the first Crussh to be opened outside London - if you've never been to one before it's definitely worth stopping by and giving their food or healthy drinks and smoothies a try. 

If you are staying with us as a patient on one of our wards, you will also be served food via our ward trolleys.

Both hospitals also have a shop near the main entrance selling cold drinks and snacks as well as newspapers, books and magazines.

Facilities in the local area 

The Children’s Hospital is close to the huge variety of shops and restaurants which are located in Birmingham City Centre. There are several restaurants just a two-minute walk away on Corporation Street and many more nearby. The Great Western Arcade, which houses a variety of shops and food outlets, is just a few minutes’ walk away, opposite Snow Hill Station.

The Women’s Hospital is a fifteen-minute walk from Harborne High Street, which has a variety of shops and other facilities and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which has a large WHSmiths, is just two minutes away.


Both our hospitals have a free-to-use cash machine located near the main entrance. The Women’s Hospital machine is on your left as you come into the main foyer from the main entrance and the Children’s Hospital cash machine is in the entrance corridor near the Welcome Desk.

If you are eligible and need to be reimbursed for travel expenses, our cash office is also located at the end of this corridor next to the fundraising hub. The Women’s Hospital cash office is located just off the main foyer.

Mobile phones and internet access

When you are staying with us, you’re welcome to bring your own mobile phones and other electronic equipment into our hospitals and use them when you need to – you just need to make sure they’ve been tested by our electricians before plugging in any chargers or power supplies. Just ask your ward clerk and they’ll arrange this for you.

You can use your mobile phone in most areas of the hospital. On wards where there is equipment that might be affected by your phone, there will be notices asking you to switch it off.

We do ask that you are considerate about other patients on the ward, keep the sound off or use headphones and only answer or make calls in an appropriate place to limit the disturbance to others.


At our Women’s Hospital, we have a charging point in the main entrance area of the hospital that visitors can use to make sure their phone is topped up for all of those essential calls you’ll need to make when there is a new arrival in the family. At the Children's Hospital, a charging point can be found in Main Outpatients.


Our hospitals have guest WiFi that patients and families can use. At the Children’s Hospital, you’ll need to ask your ward clerk for the WiFi code to get connected and at the Women’s Hospital, you can join our guest network by registering with your phone number. Please note that WiFi speeds vary from area to area.

Did you find what you were looking for? Please rate your experience out of 5 (with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest)

Did you find what you were looking for? Please rate your experience out of 5 (with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest)