Cancer Nurse Specialist (Key Working Team)

Contact Details: 0121 333 8684

From diagnosis, through treatment and after treatment there will be many different health professionals who will be involved in your child’s care. There will be a lot of information for you to remember. You will receive support from the Cancer Nurse Specialist Team (CNS team - your key worker nursing team).

The CNS team consists of specialist nurses and a family support worker. They will support you, your child and family throughout treatment both in hospital and at home. They will see you when you are admitted to the ward and when you have outpatient appointments and treatment. They will also provide telephone support and contact whilst you are at home. You will be given their contact details.

The CNS team can help and support you in the following areas:

  • Offer practical and emotional support for you, your child and family.
  • Give you appropriate information at the right time and help you to understand it.
  • Share information with health and social care agencies or other professionals in the community and primary care on your behalf.
  • Make sure that you have been taught the skills you need to care for your child at home; for example, discharge information and care of central lines/port.
  • Talk to nurseries, schools or colleges and support your child’s return to school or nursery wherever possible.
  • Ensure you have the chance to benefit from other health workers and charities.
  • Provide supporting letters and information as needed to help throughout your child’s treatment.