Oncology and Haematology Outpatients

If your child is unwell or you have any concerns during the hours of 08:30 - 18:30 you will need to call the department and may be asked to attend for review.

0121 333 9282

photo of a child in a wheelchair smiling at a nurse

Outpatients is located on the 1st Floor of Waterfall House and the opening hours are 08:00 – 19:30. Please book in at reception on your way into the department.

You may be coming here:

  • If your child has been unwell at home
  • For an outpatient appointment with the Oncology or Haematology team
  • A day case treatment such as chemotherapy or blood transfusion
  • A procedure such as bone marrow aspirate and lumbar punctures.

Outpatients has different areas:

  • Main waiting areas and consultation rooms
  • Theatre – with a separate waiting area and recovery area following the procedure
  • Short Jobs Room – This is where your child will have any short procedures performed such as dressing changes or central line care.  Some chemotherapy is given here.
  • Oncology Day Care - if your child is required to remain in the department for a longer period of time for treatment or investigations they will come to this area.
  • Haematology Day Care - if your child is required to remain in the department for a longer period of time for treatment or investigations they will come to this area.
  • We have a separate area for Teenagers and Young Adults aged 13 and above.

Theatre Procedures in Oncology Outpatients

If your child has a planned procedure under a general anaesthetic, such as a bone marrow aspirate or lumbar puncture, a nurse will call you the evening before to confirm times and fasting guidelines (nil by mouth). Please call the department if you are unsure.

We may organise for your community nurse to take blood samples at home before you attend the hospital. On arrival your child will have their weight, height and observations taken and will be assessed by an anaesthetist.

Bone Marrow Aspirates/Trephine

Bone marrow is where all your body’s blood cells are made. Your child may have bone marrow aspirates and trephines at different points during treatment. Bone marrow tests help us to understand why:

  • A child may have an abnormal blood test result or symptoms
  • To help diagnose the type of cancer and whether it has spread to the bone marrow
  • To monitor the effect of treatment

The results of a bone marrow aspirate or trephine take a few days so you are likely to come back for a clinic appointment to discuss these results.

Lumbar Puncture & Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Some cancers can affect the brain and spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds them. A lumbar puncture involves taking a small sample of spinal fluid from the spine. This is done by inserting a small needle in between the bones of the spine (vertebrae) into the spinal column to see whether there is any disease present in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Some patients may require intrathecal chemotherapy, where the chemotherapy is administered into the spinal fluid. This is to treat and prevent disease in the central nervous system.