Free car parking information for frequent Women's Hospital outpatient attenders

Free car parking will be provided to all outpatients who attend Birmingham Women’s Hospital for an appointment with a clinician at least 3 times within a month and for an overall period of at least 3 months.

Parking must be paid for at the time of each appointment and is then reimbursed after month three. A ‘month’ is defined as a period of 30 days.


To reclaim car parking expenses please follow the guidelines below:

  • You MUST pay for all visits and obtain a receipt for each visit.


  • The patient will be eligible for free parking as a frequent attender after he/she has had a face-to-face outpatient appointment with a consultant, Doctor, or a clinician at least three times in a month and for an overall period of at least 3 months. (Eligible appointments do not include the following: Blood tests, Breast Clinic Appointments, Scan Clinic, Emergency Admission, Long Term Inpatient (more than a week), Patient Visits or Medication Collection.)


  • After the patient’s ninth visit, patients may use the Frequent Outpatient Attender’s form (available here: Frequent outpatient attenders form [pdf] 256KB) to claim back their parking charges. Car parking receipts for each visit must be included with the form.


  • Pay stations in the multi-storey car parks will provide receipts on request but the pay and display machine at the BWH main entrance car park does not. You will need to retain and submit the ticket rather than the receipt if parking at the latter.


  • Claims will be processed and paid by BACs; please allow our Treasury team time to complete all the necessary checks before authorising payment. Patients are advised that the preferred method of submitting the form is to email the completed form and copies of the receipts to

           Alternatively, they can also be posted to the below address:

           Birmingham Women’s & Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

           Finance Department, Steelhouse Lane, B4 6NH


A patient cannot reclaim the same parking expenses more than once from the Trust. A database log will be kept for payments made to avoid duplicate payments.