Clean Air Zone

Information for patients and visitors

CAZ is here Birmingham city centre is now a designated Clean Air Zone in order to reduce air pollution. This means that vehicles which do not meet satisfactory emission levels are subject to a clean air charge by Birmingham City Council. This is a fee of £8 per day to enter the zone regardless of how many times you enter that day.

Most people’s cars (around 80%) have low emissions and therefore will not be asked to pay a charge, however the drivers of older/less eco-friendly vehicles which do not meet the standards (known as non-compliant vehicles) will be required to pay the charge.

For more information about the Clean Air Zone, please see the Council’s dedicated website  - Brum Breathes - where you can check your vehicle and read more about the zone and how to pay if your vehicle is non-compliant.

Visitors to Birmingham Children’s Hospital

People attending Birmingham Children’s Hospital and other NHS services within the zone have been granted an exemption from the charge for the first 12 months from 1 June 2021.

This means if your vehicle is non-compliant and you are visiting Birmingham Children’s Hospital for an appointment or to visit or to drop off a patient, you will not be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone for the first year.

To claim exemption you will need to obtain a voucher from the hospital during your visit and enter the code into the Brum Breathes website ( to cancel the charge. Once the unique voucher code has been redeemed online, any potential charge you would have received will be redacted by Birmingham City Council. You must request this voucher in order to ensure the charge is not issued.

How do I get a voucher?

If you are attending the Emergency Department, please ask for a voucher at the ED Reception.

If you are attending an Outpatient appointment, please show your appointment letter at Outpatients Reception to receive a voucher.

If you are visiting an inpatient, vouchers will be available from the ward/department.

I'm a blue badge holder and my car is not compliant; do I have to pay the charge?

Blue badge holders will not be exempt from the CAZ charge. If your vehicle is not compliant and you drive in the Clean Air Zone, you will have to pay the charge.

Vehicles registered with a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicles' tax class 85 will not have to pay. More information about the eligibility criteria for the disabled tax exemption is available on the Government website -