Visitors to our hospitals are strongly encouraged to use public transport, but we understand that this might not always be possible. There is limited parking available at each of our sites, should you need it.

Women's Hospital parking

If you are driving to our hospital, patient parking areas are clearly marked outside of the main hospital entrance and on the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital Drive (Car Park D). These are charged at hourly rates, so please don't forget to bring change with you.

Time Cost
Up to 1 hour £3.20
3 hours £4.80
4 hours £5.60
5 hours £6.30
6 hours £7.10
8 hours £7.90
Over 8 hours £15.90
Weekly ticket £22.20

If you have any queries, please speak to a member of the Q-Park staff at the Car Parking office. Car parking attendants patrol the car parks 24 hours a day and all areas are covered with CCTV surveillance.

Disabled parking

Facilities are available for all patients to be dropped off at the main entrance to the hospital, along with free parking for disabled badge holders in designated disabled areas. Genetics outpatients and visitors may also park in Norton Court car park as long as they have a badge.

Free parking is also available to all patients with long-term illnesses or serious conditions requiring daily or regular treatment.

Please be aware that disabled drivers will be charged if they park on double yellow or double red lines or in a non-designated pay and display space. Our car parks are operated by Q-Park, and in line with the guidebook issued nationally with all blue badges. Free disabled parking facilities do not apply in these car parks.

Restrictions on parking on double lines also apply to areas with emergency vehicles to ensure these vehicles and essential goods have access at all times.

Overall, there are a total of 865 visitor spaces on the whole health campus. Of these, 290 are spaces reserved for disabled visitors and patient parking. There are 15 disabled spaces on the pay and display car park at the front of our hospital with seven more available to genetics patients at Norton Court.

A little further away, there are 30 more disabled spaces available in Car Park D and 12 in Car Park J outside of the Queen Elizabeth PET centre, immediately opposite our hospital.

Children's Hospital Parking

If you're visiting our hospital, please be aware that there is no on-site parking, so you will need to make use of nearby public car parks. Neighbouring car parks NCP (Royal Angus) and B4 are currently offering the following discounted rates to hospital visitors:

Times and cost:



Up to 1 hour


Up to 2 hours


Up to 4 hours


Up to 6 hours


Up to 8 hours


More than 8 hours


To take advantage of these rates you will need to visit our Welcome Desk at the main entrance either as you come in or as you leave to:

NCP and Royal Angus:


Validate the ticket issued at the Royal Angus entrance barrier which you will then need to pay at the machine within the car park


Enter your car registration into the tablet provided and click ‘validate’ before returning to the B4 carpark, where:

Non B4 members

Pay for your parking at the Pay Machines on the ground floor of the car park where the discount will automatically be applied.

B4 members

Simply drive out. Payment will automatically be taken at the discounted rate from your Membership Account.

Blue badge holders must pay to park in any of these car parks, however they can park for free if they use the disabled spaces allocated on the roads around our hospital site. A current blue badge must be displayed.

If you have an appointment in our Waterfall House building the Royal Angus car park is located just over the road so we would recommend this as the best place to park.

car parking key

car parking key

Long term parent parking (Steelhouse Lane site only)

If a child or young person has been an inpatient for more than 30 days then the parent or guardian can apply to get a long-term free parent parking pass for the NCP High Street car park. Please ask the nurse in charge of your child's care to complete the long-term parent parking request form. Your name will then be added to the waiting list. When a space becomes available, our team will contact the ward your child is on who will then advise you that a space is available. Once allocated, the parking tickets are issues from the Welcome Desk on a daily basis.

Parkview Clinic parking

There is free parking available on site at Parkview, including a main car park at the front of the clinic and an overflow car park to the rear. Please note these spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. On-street parking is also available on Queensbridge Road, should there be no available spaces on site.

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