Supporting our Internationally Educated Midwives

Molly Yeardsley, International Recruitment and Education Midwife and Professional Midwifery Advocate speaks with us about the support and process that our Internationally Educated Midwives undergo, in order to continue their time with us at BWC.

We were also joined by Love and Eunice, Internationally Educated Midwives at our Women's Hospital who share their thoughts on the process of being internationally recruited, now living their lives in Birmingham.

Thank you to Molly and our Internationally Educated Midwives for coming forwards as one of our Midwifery Moments Vloggers to share the importance of nurturing our Internationally Educated Midwives and supporting them through the completion of their boot camp training of OSCE qualifications.



Internationally Educated Midwifery Stories

Love Johnson's inspirational story - Internationally Educated Midwife

'I was born in Nigeria and joined the Trust just over two months ago. I have been practising as a midwife for six years now. After facilitating 300 births, I stopped counting... I have been a family planning provider and have developed various additional skills in my home country.

I became a midwife because I value women. 

I hope to provide support to them in any way I can, especially during pregnancy, labour and afterwards. I worked in the community for a few years before I decided to work in a teaching hospital for three years after which I decided to relocate to Birmingham. 

I decided to move to the UK because I wish to see and understand more about midwifery aside from what I have already experienced. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to send any knowledge gained back to my home country to see if it can help.

I left a lot behind and hopefully one day - I will create this for myself here. This includes strong family ties, family and friends, my 13 dogs (Mama especially), my comfortable life where I worked to suit my needs, the weather, the cultural foods, my home which was built and designed to my taste, my car, and also the comfort I get from having my siblings and dad around. 

I look forward to the future, where will be surrounded by amazing people, I look forward to practicing as a midwife and making a difference. 

I look forward to being a better version of myself, I look forward to seeing a day where I will also be cared for by a midwife during my own journey. I look forward to getting to the peak of my career.'

Our International Recruitment Process