What to expect as an inpatient

During your stay in hospital, we will perform regular observations on your child such as heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Sometimes these are only done once on each shift but can be every 4 hours or more frequently if required.

During infusions of chemotherapy your child may need intravenous fluids. Sometimes we may need to wake your child to ensure that they have passed enough urine. This is to ensure that their kidneys are functioning correctly. We also need to monitor how much fluid your child drinks. You can help by letting us know what they have had.

We understand that some children can be upset by the observations and interruptions however, they are necessary in helping us to keep your child safe and preventing complications.

You can help your child and us by preparing your child and comforting them if needed. We try to minimise interruptions if we can and we appreciate your cooperation.

Here is some practical information:

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