Our policies and procedures

The Trust has developed and implemented a wide range of policies.  For policies relating to specific areas please contact the Publication Scheme Coordinator who will facilitate you in identifying which specific policy you require.

In addition, policies and procedures for complaints are available from the Publication Scheme Coordinator at bwc.freedomofinformation@nhs.uk .  

You may also contact:

The Complaints Team
Corporate Nursing
Birmingham Women’s’ and Children’s Hospital
Steelhouse Lane
B4 6NH

Employment-related policies and procedures are outlined below

Information item/description

Availability and Links

£ = Possibility

of charge


All current vacancies are advertised with NHS Jobs.

Visit: www.jobs.nhs.uk



Health and Safety:

The Trust adheres to various occupational health and safety policies and procedures

Health and Safety Executive

www.hse.gov.uk  or contact the Publication Scheme Coordinator for specific Trust policies.


Equal Opportunities:

The Trust is committed to a policy of equality opportunity in its employment and personnel practices.

Contact the Publication Scheme Coordinator at bwc.freedomofinformation@nhs.uk


Pay and Pensions:

UHB NHS Foundation Trust

Publication Scheme Coordinator



Agenda for Change Contracts:

Publication Scheme Coordinator



Professional Bodies and Trades Unions:

Publication Scheme Coordinator



Working Times Directives:

Publication Scheme Coordinator



Manpower information:

Various reports containing workforce statistics are available on request.  These include:

  • Headcounts / WTE of staff (Trust totals and by major staff group).
  • Sickness absence reporting.
  • Turnover and vacancy rate statistics at Trust level.
  • Ethnicity breakdowns at Trust level and by major staff groups.
  • Recruitment statistics e.g., numbers of posts advertised and filled.


Please contact:
UHB NHS Foundation Trust
2nd Floor
Regents Court
14-17 George Road
B15 1NU

Tel, please contact switchboard:
0121 333 9999
E-mail:  bchpayroll@uhb.nhs.uk

Tel, please contact switchboard:
0121 333 9999
E-mail: 284pensions@uhb.nhs.uk

Publication Scheme Coordinator
or contact the Human Resources Department (address as above)

A list of contact details for local Trade Union Representatives is available from:
Human Resources Department
Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Steelhouse Lane Birmingham
B4 6NH


Social Distancing Addendum to Conduct Policy Social Distancing Addendum to Conduct Policy  
Final Conduct Policy Final Conduct Policy