Learning disabilities

We're proud to have signed up to Mencap’s “Getting it right” charter to show our commitment to improving healthcare and treatment for children and young people with learning disabilities.

Our Children’s Hospital is already meeting all of the children and young people's standards set out by the Care Quality Commission. These are:

  • To ensure that the Hospital Passport is available and used
  • Making sure that all staff understand and apply the principles of mental capacity laws
  • Appoint a learning disability liaison nurse
  • Provide ongoing learning disability awareness training for all staff, and listen to, respect and involve families and carers.

Learning Disability Liaison Nurse

Our Learning Disability Liaison Nurse will play an important part in your visit. Her role is to:

  • Provide support to patients and parents/carers throughout their stay or visit
  • Liaise with and train staff to ensure the needs of the patient are met
  • Co-ordinate appropriate care with everyone involved in treating the patient with learning disabilities
  • Audit our current support systems to ensure that every patient with learning disabilities has a positive experience with our services.