Interpreting service

photo of our Interpreting and Cultural Insight team

Our Interpreting and Cultural Insight Team are here to support you with your language needs.

We are committed to ensuring that our children, women and families receive excellent communication throughout their journey with us.

We have offices at the Children’s and Women’s Hospitals and can offer a range of language support services

  • Interpreters for appointments and in-patient stays
  • British Sign Language
  • Translation
  • Three-way telephone calls
  • Video Interpreting on demand

Enquiries and additional support

To check if an Interpreter has been booked, please call: 0121 333 8015 or Email:

You can also check if an interpreter is booked by following this link

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 08:30am to 4:30pm (excluding bank holidays).

Sign Language

We work with one of the largest British Sign Language Interpreting agencies in the West Midlands to provide face to face Interpreting whenever possible.

In emergency situations or at short notice we work with British Sign Language on demand via Language Line. ‘DORA’ is an interpreter-on-wheels; it uses FaceTime technology to connect you to a professional BSL Interpreter within minutes. You can request a device on arrival if required.

To check if a BSL Interpreter has been booked for your appointment text 07919 173281 or email

For out of hours, contact our partner CommPlus: text 07887 622746

Video on Demand

photo of two ladies with our video on demand technology

image of a DoraDora is an interpreter-on-wheels; it uses FaceTime technology to connect you to professional interpreters based around the world.

There are four 24/7 languages – Arabic, Mandarin, Polish and Spanish. Additional 32 languages are available on a timetable including British Sign Language. If you need a language that is not available on video, you can still access 240 languages via audio 24/7.

You can request for the device upon arrival.