Virtual Reality at BCH

Virtual Reality at BCH

Improving Patient Outcomes at BCH

Virtual Reality (VR) is another tool we can use to promote positive experiences for children and young people at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The VR headsets immerse patients in digitally created 3D environments, from relaxing beaches to wild safari adventures. Birmingham Children’s Hospital has 25 VR sets, which are medically registered and designed for easy, safe deployment in clinical settings.

Aims and Objectives of VR

  • Reduce anxieties and fears around procedures and treatment, by encouraging relaxation and distraction.
  • Support reduction or requirement for the use of general anaesthetic or sedation.​
  • Support basic pain management and help reduce distress for patients.

Virtual reality has also improved clinical outcomes, including: 

  • Quicker and safer completion of procedures and treatments.
  • Less medication.
  • Shorter stays in hospital.
  • Increased compliance with treatment and care plans. 

Patient and family feedback

  •  A young patient wearing a VR headset500+ patient experiences since January 2022.
  • The average rating of overall VR experience was 4.91/5.
  • 100% of young people said they would recommend VR to other children and young people.

What parents and carers say about VR 

"VR helped me be more comfortable and less anxious.” 

“VR helped me because it makes you feel calm and relaxed that you are in a whole new world.”  


“Really impressed. Lovely way to help the kids feel a sense of escape from their situation. Recommended!”  


“Really helpful and supportive, reduced my child's anxiety and mine as a parent. He was a totally different child. Unbelievable.”  

Referral Details

If you would like to find out more about how VR could help you at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, please contact: 

Play and Youth Services on 0121 333 8656/8654  

Some great feedback to share?  

All feedback, positive or otherwise, contributes to our learning, development and improvement.