The Menopause team

  1. Consultant Gynaecologist and Service Lead

    Miss Lynne Robinson

    Consultant Gynaecologist and Service Lead
  2. Consultant Gynaecologist

    Miss Sita Singh

    Consultant Gynaecologist
  3. Senior Specialty Doctor

    Mark Chadwick

    Senior Specialty Doctor
  4. Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Nikkita Carden

    Clinical Nurse Specialist
Total results: 4

Other people you might meet

GPs with a Special Interest

We provide practical training for GPs with a specialist interest in menopause.

University of Birmingham Medical students

We are a teaching hospital so doctors in training, medical students and nurses frequently sit in clinic. If you do not want a student in your consultation, please let a clinic nurse know. We respect patient dignity and privacy at all times so female chaperones are always available.