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How can we support you and your family?

We are sorry for the loss of your baby, and that you find yourself looking for this information. This can be an overwhelming experience, and we want you to know that you are not alone at this time, even though it can feel that way. 

The Bereavement Team consists of specialist Midwives and Nurses who are here to support you, and your partner. If you did not meet us whilst you were in hospital and were cared for by either our Delivery Suite or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit we will contact you by phone, and if unable to reach you by letter. If you want to get in touch with us please either call or text on the numbers below.

On these pages you will find both practical information and emotional support resources, to enable you to feel informed about what is happening and access a wide range of help both within and outside of the NHS. 

Alison Rea, Elizabeth Ewers and Fiona Jones are our team of Bereavement Midwives, and Ellie Brewer is our Bereavement Nurse.

0121 335 8286 |  07814208435


Faith-Based and Culture-Specific Support

Marking Your Loss

The loss of a baby during any stage of pregnancy is a deeply upsetting time. After your loss, you may want to find some special ways of remembering your baby and marking their life. 

Baby Loss Certificates

You are now able to request a certificate in memory of your baby if they were born under 24 weeks gestation, and were not born alive. Certificates are optional, free of charge, and can be backdated (currently to September 2018, but to be extended in the future). You can request a certificate online by following the link below.

Request a baby loss certificate

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes, supplied by baby bereavement charities, can provide bereaved families with a meaningful way to remember their pregnancy or baby. If you have not received a memory box and would like one, please contact the Bereavement Team who can post one out to you.

Remembrance Events

The Trust holds annual remembrance events for families to attend in remembrance of their baby or babies. If you would like to know more about the events being held this year, please see the ‘Upcoming Remembrance Events’ tab. 

Upcoming Remembrance Events

As a Trust, we hold remembrance events throughout the year for families that have experienced the loss of a baby under any circumstance, at any gestation. You are welcome to join us for any or all of the events. Please see below for details of this year's events, and follow the links for further information or to RSVP.

Always in our Hearts

Always in our Hearts is a non-religious event that includes a time of reflection, remembrance activities, and refreshments. Children and additional family members are welcome. Please see the link below for this year’s invitation. To RSVP, please email

Always in our Hearts Invitation

Celebrating Brief Lives

Celebrating Brief Lives is an annual remembrance church service at the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week. Join us for songs, readings, and a time of reflection. Children and additional family members are welcome. Please see the link below to see this year’s invitation. To RSVP, please email

Celebrating Brief Lives Invitation

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk is an annual fundraising event that families can join in memory of their baby or babies, or in support of bereaved families cared for at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Please use the links below to find out more information, or to sign up for the event.

2024 Woodland Walk Flyer

Sign up for the Woodland Walk